Where are we now?

Welcome to our small world! --- NOT updated!

Check out this map by clicking the different pins. Each of them will lead you to a country, where there is a Smart Club or the preparations for it has started or just where we have an interested member. The icon for a working Smart Club is an orange trophy cup, for a club in preparation a yellow group icon and for an interested member of Smart International a brown icon with a single person. Please, click on the map’s top right symbol for a full screen map. Click on an icon for some short info.

Welcome to Smart International’s own world! We are really tiny today, but in the long run our Positive Primary Prevention will spread to more and more countries, cities, towns and villages. Thus we can save more and more children to longer and better lives by helping them say No to tobacco, alcohol and narcotic drugs. We will support all kids where we are working to make good choices, to grow as human beings with human rights, gender rights and rights of the child.

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Smart Clubs:

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