Minimum platform

Minimum requirements

NGO/NPO SMART’s annual meeting April 10, 2005 adopted the following guidelines in the form of a ”minimum platform”.

To be included in the SMART network, a local primary drug prevention group should follow these minimum requirements:

  • individual contracts with children / adolescents
    • a minimum of tobacco in the contract
    • guardian’s written approval
    • temporary membership
    • voluntarily to be a member (or abstain) and the right to exit
    • the right to come back (even after any exclusion)
    • consequence in breach of contract
    • positive reinforcement, encouraging the good choices (benefits)

 + everyone (in the target group) is equally welcome, regardless of creed, race, gender or whatever

(This minimum platform will be a requirement for new Smart International Network affiliates – and a description of the Contract Concept for those who are interested.)